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{:en}Silk Way West airlines received a fifth Boeing 747-8F

{:en} In the Baku airport, where is the Azerbaijani cargo airline Silk Way West Airlines, April 2 came a new wide-body aircraft Boeing 747-8F painted in the colors of the carrier. The aircraft with registration VQ-BBM arrived from the Boeing factory in Everett. The plane was to be the fifth machine of this type from […]

{:en}”The proximity of the Moscow air hub development, airport Yaroslavl does not interfere”

{:en} The results of operations of the Yaroslavl Tunoshna airport in 2016, are perceived in two ways. On the one hand, while the depressed regional air port was a bit to increase passenger traffic, on the other — the number of cargo flights it is declining. Second life in the airport of Yaroslavl today is […]

{:en}The booming Internet trade had a detrimental effect on profits UPS

{:en} The net profit of the logistics company United Parcel Service (UPS), a significant part of the business which are in the air, at the end of last year fell by 29.2% and amounted to 3,4 billion dollars. Deterioration associated with the rapid development of Internet trade worldwide, which has caused the increase of the […]

{:en}Park a Boeing 747-8F AirBridgeCargo will provide replacement components for chassis

{:en} Russian cargo airline AirBridgeCargo have signed an agreement with Boeing, under which the manufacturer agrees to take it in for repair chassis components for the Boeing 747-8F and put instead of already repaired parts. Program covering repair and overhaul, relieve the carrier from having to buy separate components, said in a joint release Boeing […]

{:en}Under the Bishkek crashed Turkish Boeing 747-400F

{:en} On the morning of 16 January near the capital of Kyrgyzstan — Bishkek crashed cargo plane the Boeing 747, according to the Kyrgyz government. According to open sources, the accident happened with a Boeing 747-400F cargo Turkish airlines ACT Airlines (marketing name — MyCargo Airlines), which was flying under a code of Turkish Airlines. […]

{:en}The Tu-204 “Mail of Russia” flew abroad

{:en} The Russian cargo airline “Aviastar-TU” conducted its first overseas flight on the Tu-204-100C, belonging FGUP “Mail of Russia”. As was announced, a truck national postal operator has entered the market of transport between China and Russia. In the “Mail of Russia” said that the international postal flights will be scheduled in the future to […]

{:en}The airline “Aviastar-TU” of the beginning of operation of Tu-204 “Mail of Russia”

{:en} The Russian cargo airline “Aviastar-TU” starts operation of aircraft Tu-204-100C belonging “to Mail of Russia”. On Friday, December 2, around 11:00, the car with registration number RA-64052 (named in honor of Empress Catherine II) took off from Vnukovo airport and headed for Krasnoyarsk. Download this sun is just over 21 tons, reported ATO.ru the […]

{:en}”Antonov” has entered the final stage of Assembly of the An-132D

{:en} Ukrainian state enterprise Antonov completes Assembly of the first prototype turboprop transport aircraft An-132D, it follows from leaked Facebook photos of the machine. We are talking about aircraft demonstrator, the rollout of which will be held in December this year. Earlier it was reported that the fuselage of the aircraft is already docked with […]

{:en}AirBridgeCargo stopped the movement to Africa by plane British partner

{:en} Russian cargo airline AirBridgeCargo, a member of the group “Volga-Dnepr”, refused transport their cargo to Africa by plane British partner — operator CargoLogicAir. The General Director of AirBridgeCargo Sergey Lazarev explained ATO.ru that the project did not justify itself, as the African market was too weak. Russian airline leased Boeing 747-400F British partner in […]

{:en}AirBridgeCargo laid the Foundation for increasing the traffic of pharmaceutical products

{:en} Russian cargo airline AirBridgeCargo (part of group “Volga-Dnepr”) laid the Foundation for increasing the traffic of pharmaceutical products. It is expected that the demand for its services in this segment will grow, due to the fact that she was the first in the CIS issued an international certificate CEIV (Center of Excellence for Independent […]